Old Man Saxon w/ Aldente, Datsun

Photo Courtesy: Smith’s Olde Bar
Friday April 10, 2020 09:00 pm EDT
Cost: $17-$100

Old Man Saxon

Old Man Saxon is a rapper from Denver, most recently featured as the crowd favorite on the hit Netflix series with Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and TI, ​Rhythm + Flow.​

Saxon’s been a rapper since he was 13. His music has been featured on HBO's ​Silicon Valley,​ Netflix’s hit film ​Someone Great,​ and M​ adden c​ ommercials. The music video for his hit single “​The Perils”​ had over 100,000 YouTube hits in its first 24 hours of release (now at 3.3M, and 3M on Spotify). He’s performed at Hip Hop Kemp in Czech Republic and Hiero Day in Oakland, and he’s opened for artists like Devin the Dude, Camron, Ghostface Killah, Curren$y and Oddisee.

In just two years, Old Man Saxon has gone from broke & homeless in Los Angeles to esteemed rap professor, father and international entertainer. He has released 3 EP’s - ​The Perils, The Pursuit ​and Goldman Sax​. Stay tuned for his next EP, T​ he Peacock Honey,​ dropping Nov 2019.


What began as two college freshmen making SoundCloud rap in a dorm room eventually grew into Athens' most popular rap band, Aldente. At its core, Aldente started due to Reid Koski (producer, guitar, bass) and Hunter Peatman's (vocals) simultaneous love and frustration with rap music. While they loved and grew up on artists such as Soulja Boy, Future and Young Thug, they were disappointed with the sound and energy of local rap shows. They noticed that house parties with alternative bands always had more energetic crowds than shows with rappers, but the rappers always had better music. Seeking to bridge the divide, and create wholly unique music in the process, they got together with Reid's dorm neighbor Dhruva Jandhyala (vocals, bass, guitar) and began searching for a drummer who could bring the energy they wanted at their live shows. After a drunken jam session with Reid's current neighbor Henry Smith (keys) and his friend Allen McDonald (drums), the five of them finally had a band.

Aldente is inspired by a wide range of genres and artists. While the first album, King Da Ka drew on artists such as Lil Jon, Led Zeppelin, and Reid and Hunter's old SoundCloud music, their upcoming album draws upon more from Pharrell, The Beastie Boys, and Soulja Boy. When producing the music, Reid is committed to a very DIY approach, despite working at Chase Park Transduction Studios; every song is recorded and mixed in his bedroom.




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