Packy, Apollo, Scotty Valid, NicX

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Thursday April 9, 2020 08:00 pm EDT
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Born and raised in Lansing, MI, Packy began as the emcee in rapper/producer duo, The Specktators. In 2011, The Specktators hit the scene with their first official mixtape, "Familiar With Floss." This mixtape was followed up by two more, "The Sunroom" and "About That Life." Finally, The Specktators released their first official album, "The Parlay," which debuted at #6 on the iTunes Hip-Hop chart.

In 2014, The Specktators transitioned into an independent label and Packy became a solo artist under the label that he helped to build. He dropped multiple projects including his second album "Mad Lifey" as well as countless singles, and has toured the country with his music.

Priding himself on hard work, energy, fan interaction, and dedication to his craft, Packy has independently built a fan base whose loyalty is unmatched.


The wandering began at an early age for the Cleveland-born NicX, with a move to Atlanta in his adolescence to escape the influence of his older brother and to be with his father. Atlanta is where he found his gift for lyrical dexterity, but it's also where he found hardships and turmoil at levels unimaginable. While influenced by rappers such as J. Cole, Drake, and Cleveland's own Kid Cudi, NicX was also influenced by real world turbulence, with his father getting the two evicted every three months due to lack of funds.

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