SERMON ATL: Yheti, Slug Wife and more at Freight Depot

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Saturday March 30, 2019 08:00 pm EDT

Described best by headliner, Yheti, the “future’s past brought to you in the present.” Dubstep at Georgia Freight Depot seems right. A long, narrow, dark indoor train depot with brick walls to absorb and reflect lasers, it’s the perfect spot to cram in a lot of people for a long night of “DUBDUBDUB ZOOOOOOOEEEM DUBUWUUUUU {animal sounds} UUUUUB WUBUB REEER WAAAAAUUUUU HUUUUU ZOOOOOOOM REEEE DUBUBUBUB WUBUBUB WUUUUU DUUUU WUUUU.” via @DubstepSong Twitter

Very into these one-day music series brought to us by monster brands like Red Bull Music and Hennessy. A one-night festival right at home in ATL, making it easy to wash my wook off after a rager. By the presounds of it, this sermon might also remind me of that time on Special K. Something called a bleep bloop was eating all the marshmallows and, well, I forget the rest. PSA: Don’t do drugs, but if you do, get that sh*t tested y’all! :::)

8 p.m.-5 a.m. @yhetimusic; @_slugwife@littlesnakemusic; @vctre_; @esseksmusic; @_digitalethos; @kursaaaa; @zmpresents; @speakeasypromo; @nativegroove; @aisle5_atl; @envisionedarts_atl

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