Igor and Red Elvises, The Muckers, Russian Roulette

Sunday March 31, 2019 07:00 pm EDT

Showcase at Purgatory at The Mssquerade featuring Igor and Red Elvises, The Muckers, and Russian Roulette.

Igor and The Red Elvises is a Russian-American rock ‘n’ roll band based in Santa Monica, CA and Moscow, Russia. The eclectic sound of the Red Elvises combines elements of American roots, surf, and rockabilly, with traditional Russian, Ukrainian, klezmer, and gypsy music. To date, the band has recorded an impressive 15 albums along with several movie and cartoon soundtracks.  The Red Elvises have also made a multitude of appearances on the big and small screen including being featured on Melrose Place, Pen and Teller Extravaganza, the Live Aid Benefit Concert, Six String Samurai, and many more.  The band successfully tours all over the world and has taken their signature brand of rock ‘n’ roll to audiences in Europe, the United States, Canada, Russia, Asia, and even the Marshall Islands.

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